Sample Submission

A wide range of sample types can be submitted for analysis. Please discuss your requirements with us before sending your sample. We can advise on the best strategy to ensure good results.

MALDI-TOF - Protein/Peptide Sample Requirements

Protein Samples

Protein samples for molecular weight determination may be submitted as a solution or as a lyophilised powder. Samples containing a single protein are preferred, however, in a limited number of cases, simple mixtures can be differentiated during spectroscopy.

Although the MALDI can tolerate the presence of low amounts of salt and non-ionic detergent, these should be avoided if possible as they will suppress the signal. Ionic detergents should never be used.

In the submission form, be sure to advise us of the solvent in which the sample is dissolved, or was dissolved prior to lyophilisation.

If there are special handling considerations for your sample be sure to discuss them with us prior to sending the sample and to note them on the submission form.

Samples from outside New Zealand

The University of Waikato Mass Spectrometry Facility has a Ministry for Primary Industries (formally MAF) permit to import peptide digests from universities in the USA. To import other types of biological materials, for example intact proteins, will require an amendment, which generally takes two weeks, and which will incur a charge. To import biological samples from countries other than the USA will also require an amendment to the permit.


For the latest equipment and analytical costs for external clients, please refer to the Science & Engineering Services Fees Schedule.